Thursday, 8 December 2016

Pinterest in Real Life: Can this Cookie Sheet be Saved?

As you may know, I recently roasted a Halloween pumpkin. What I didn't mention is that the process of roasting it pretty much destroyed my cookie sheet. It is an older pan that has seen better days, but comes in handy a lot, so I wasn't ready to say goodbye to it.

I have used a hydrogen peroxide/baking soda combination to clean my stove top for a long time. It pops up on Pinterest a lot but I wasn't sure if it was really tough enough to fix a pan treated this badly.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

How to Eat a Halloween Pumpkin

The Internet is quick to caution you against eating Halloween pumpkins. They are great for carving, but were bred for size, not taste. Cooked as-is, they tend to be bland and watery. On top of that, if the pumpkin was carved and sat out for a long time, it may be spoiled.

If your pumpkin is spoiled, there's not much I can do to help you, except advise you to take advantage of the City's pumpkin composting program (currently closed at the time of writing). But if you're like us and decorate with whole pumpkins, or maybe your pumpkin was only carved for a couple days, there is a way to make it into perfectly tasty pumpkin puree.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Homemade Mayo

I don't do recipe posts here very often, because it is not really my specialty. We definitely cook and prepare most of our own meals in our house, but we don't necessarily develop our own recipes. We follow other people's recipes, or we just make it up as we go along and eat whatever the results are.

Over the last couple years, I've tried a few different methods to make my own mayo. The online instructions promised it would be quick and easy, with delicious results. I tried it in my stand mixer, my blender, and my food processor, all with the same result: drippy, runny "mayo" that failed to emulsify. Of course, I always ate it anyway, because I hate to waste, but it was not thick like mayo is supposed to be.

Monday, 12 September 2016

The Waste-Free Baking Cupboard: Brown Sugar

These days, I still have a few challenges sourcing certain items in bulk. In some cases the store where they are sold does not accept outside containers or do not tare them, or the stores that do accept outside containers do not carry the items. Brown sugar is one of those items. You could certainly buy it from Superstore, but you would wind up paying the weight of your container as well. Bulk Barn is another option, but they have a policy against bringing your own container.

I have read a few times on various websites that people make their own brown sugar using just plain sugar and molasses, and I thought I would give it a try. Of course, this would be a better bulk recipe if I had a source for bulk molasses, but a few years ago Fair Trade molasses was on sale somewhere, so I have had a surplus of it ever since. I do think you can buy molasses in bulk at Bulk Barn and their container would be recyclable, but I have not been there in a long time, so I cannot confirm.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

When Life Gives You Sad Bread

I have been trying to use our slow cooker more recently. We have had one around for a while now but I have a hard time finding anything to use it for. It seems to me the only benefit to it is that you can leave it running when you are asleep or not home, but we are just not the sort of people who are organized enough to set something up to cook before we go to work. We try to do the bulk of our cooking on the weekend and then eat quick leftovers all week.

I did see a number of recipes for slow cooker bread though, that I thought seemed like a good idea. However, rather than follow a proper recipe, I thought I would see what would happen if I used my regular bread recipe on the warm setting, overnight.

As you can see, it created a flat disc of bread.